Mountain Madness

My name is Alan Del Vecchio.________________ I live in Bennington, Vermont.

I am a photographer, artist, and back packer. ____________ I make and have made my living building scenery for theater.

I will be putting images of different types of scenery here.

from Whittenberg Mountain, near Slide Mountain in the Catskill

Photography Theaterwork Digital Painting

Poetry Backpacking SketchBook
Residential Work Portraits of the Artist Work on my houses

I tried to strike a balance between resolution and speed of loading onto the computer screen. I'm still quite new at this digital imagery, so there may be some funny things happenning in some of them. In any case, I think they let you see what I'm trying to show you. As time goes on I'll work this digital stuff out and I hope my online quality improves.

Some day, in the not too distant future, I will be trying to sell prints of these photographs, suitable for framing. I'm also thinking about silk screens. If you're interested in hanging some on your wall leave me a message, it might lite my fire and get me stoking.

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